Sunday, December 19, 2010

And so this is Christmas...

Crazy. It's been SO long since I've posted anything. A semester has passed, I became a fully legal adult, and I've cooked lots of food. Several times while cooking I've though "I should blog about this" and I never do. Partly because I don't really have a camera and I always think recipe posts are lame without a pic of the end result. My other excuse is that I'm lazy. But this morning, in our new house (that we're sharing with 4 other roommates) as I munch on my delicious breakfast, I have to share this quick and easy recipe with someone, ANYONE who happens to stumble on this blog. You will thank me. It consists of merely some pan-grilled tofu, Ezekiel bread, kale, daiya and rice milk but good god, this could change your life.
I tell you what people, I've been the worst vegan ever lately, and the biggest offenders that pull me in are sweets and cheese. Now I don't feel the effects of baked goods in my digestive tract nearly as much as the consequences of inhaling too much brie. But c'mon, it's brie!!!
I don't know how I'd survive without Daiya. No, it's not cheap and doesn't really work just sprinkling it on stuff, AND its probably not very healthy (certainly not part of the macro diet I've been attempting failing to follow), but it's the best substitute I've found that keeps me placated, and since I limit myself to one bag a month, it might be okay.
Enough of my jibber jabber, go make some breakfast.

Kale Breakfast Sandwich
-2 slices low sodium Ezekiel bread
-slice(s) of tofu to cover one piece of bread
-T oil (any kind will do...I use a combo of sesame and flax, but if you're feeling a little naughty some earth balance would be yummy too)
-garlic powder, cumin, black pepper to taste
-few splashed (1/8 c?) rice milk
-1/4 c. cheddar Daiya
-1/4 c. frozen kale (whole foods carries it; most convenient healthy food ever. buy a million bags. seriously)
*Put your bread in the toaster. Heat a small pan to medium and put your oil in. It's hot enough when the oil starts to move by itself. Put in the tofu; it should crackle a bit. Season it up.
*While that side of the tofu is browning, grab a microwave safe mug to make your super easy cheeze sauce you will want to eat every day. Throw in the kale, milk and daiya. Microwave 1:30-2 minutes. Stir.
  NOTE: This makes a lot of cheeze sauce. You can either be reckless and use it all on your sandwich like me, save some, or just use a little less of each ingredient--your call!
*Once the tofu has browned, flip so it can brown on the other side. Careful of the oil that the pan will spit at you.
*When your bread is done toasting, slather some cheese sauce on each slice of toast. This is where your judgement call comes in. I like really oozy breakfast sandwiches because it reminds me of my egg over easy days, but if you more of a fried egg with a hint of cheese person, just slathering the bread will do. For an oozy "oh my god is this real life" sandwich, after spreading the sauce on the toast and adding your browned tofu to one side, scoop the rest of the sauce on top of the tofu. Yes, it is a heaping mess of cheeze sauce. You're welcome.
*That's it, you're done!

 The cheezy kale sauce would be great on a number of things, especially pasta for a quick mac and cheese. OR if you had the opportunity to try the Denny's egg-burger monstrosity, it would be AMAZING on a veganized version of that. In fact, I smell dinner...
 I'm sure someone will read this and wonder why I didn't nu yeast the tofu to make it more like egg. Well I'm intolerant to yeast and the couple of times I've used nu yeast, I hate it. So there :-P