Saturday, May 22, 2010

Selling Out

Lately I've sold my soul to most other forms of social networking, so I figured: why not get a blog? I've been meaning to for a while really. Come up with all these ideas of what to post, tests to put myself through and blog about, but in the end, I figure why not just do everything? After all, I doubt many people will read this, and those that will probably won't care if there's an overarching theme. In fact, any overarching theme in my life would probably get old pretty darn fast. So, expect this to have everything from cooking efforts (vegan and otherwise), fitness trials and tribulations, film and tv reviews, environmental musings and more! Sounds like a late-night infomercial. Which, by the way, have you seen some of the stuff on there!? I want so much of it...
But I digress.

This is actually something I wrote while on the plane from Philly to Fort Lauderdale earlier this week with the plan of starting a blog. I realize that it sounds like I'm attempting to be deep or something, but I assure you, it's probably just the hunger and lack of sleep affecting my brain.

Cruising at 10,000ft. there is a cloud that looks like the flying dog from Neverending Story heading towards what appears to be the Old Man in the Mountain, with a Tuscan villa in his wake. Seriously. A chiseled Italian fortress shrouded in lush trees and hills. I'm sure it means something, but I couldn't possibly tell you what. But for some reason it's inspired me to write on the back of this receipt for an overpriced, eco-killing bottle of Dasani, and hopefully transcribe it to a blog at a later date. Inspiration struck me in much the same was about two weeks ago while I was walking by the lake, but apparently not deeply enough to motivate me to do anything about it. I feel it's time for a change--an awareness. It's more than getting the perfect body, having an outward drive for the environment...there's a constant, palpable energy in the air and I can feel it as I breathe in. The quality changes, but it's always there. It makes me want to better myself and my surroundings, to have self-confidence and a lasting impact on the world and others.

No time like the present, right?

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